26 March 2017

we'll get there fast and then we'll take it slow

 Cabo is a funny place--all desert except for the resorts which are tropical paradise. It makes for very consistent weather and no humidity, so I'm in. Actually, I was in because it was a work trip for Nate and I had a long list of nothing to do.
 I sat in the shade of a palm tree for a while, listening to a podcast about Princess Charlotte who would have been Queen Victoria, only Charlotte. Wouldn't you like to live in a Charlottian era home? It doesn't have the same ring to it, but it could have been.

Then a giant iguana came up on the wall by my feet and while he was very entertaining I didn't want to give him the idea that I was too friendly so I wandered down to the beach.
 I read this quote by Amy Krouse Rosenthal the week before we went: As kids, our stock answer to most every question (“What did you do at school today?” “What’s new?”) was, “Nothing.” In our country’s history there have been exactly seven kids who responded with a statement other than “nothing,” and three of those were named Hanson. Then, somewhere on the way to adulthood, we each took a 180-degree turn. We cashed in our “nothing” for “busy.”

Of course my personal stock answer is never "busy" and I don't take pride in busy, but I sure did take pride in "nothing" on this trip. We sat and watched the waves, then we played in the cold water, then I floated easily on the saltwater, then we'd go up to the pool and bob around, then we'd sit in the hot tub, then we'd eat a gigantic dinner. Repeat 3x, with giant breakfasts and lunches too. In fact, the third morning, I didn't even feel like eating breakfast. WHAT. Stop the presses. (Or start the presses?) Anyway there was a lot of eating very expensive food and sitting and bobbing around. 

Of course Nate did have to attend some meetings, learn some stuff and vote on some things (like where to have the next meeting), and I did a couple things too, like take lots of pictures of Nate's back. The "doing stuff" post will be next, because no one ever said I had to recap our trip in one post.

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julis said...

I am dying. I love the water pictures! The blue water and the golden sand. sigh. I know I probably wouldn't be excited about walking to and from the water (what if I scared small children?), but I am almost certain I would like the water. I wish you had snapped a shot of the iguana who might have wanted to be your friend. Although on the other hand, I'm kind of with you -- large reptiles are sort of creepy. Better to retreat to the water!