09 April 2017

over the mountains and through the desert

We looked up all of the places that are closer and easier to get to from my house than Las Cruces. Seattle, Portland, LA. Also Calgary, Canada and OMAHA NEBRASKA. Also, note that you can get anywhere in Western Europe from Paris in 900 miles.


We got there!

We made both Gromma Dolly and Papa go for a walk with us. We also went to some fun parks and hung out at home with them. They've got a cool peublo house and a nice huge patio, which Jack is in favor of. Calvin liked Papa's Lincoln Logs, but he couldn't quite figure out a pitched roof by himself, and the kids watched the Aristocats twice (and then took it home).

We were with Jack and Andy for so much of the week, but I only took out my phone to take pictures of our walks, basically. 

We also celebrated Grandma's birthday a couple days early with some presents the kids picked out, a delicious dinner by Andy and a delicious chocolate cake by me. We love gromma.

Some notes on the drive, so I don't forget:
Sadly a lot of the week was spent driving instead of hanging out with the grandparents, but at least we got to see them at all! The kids watched Planes 2 on my phone four times on the drives there and back. They played a driving game and a LDS memory card game on the tablet on the last day, but it was dead all the other days. We drove for a total of 36 hours, split into two days each way. We stayed in Gallup on the way down and Moab on the way back. Don't ask about Moab because it was the beginning of a very difficult day with high pitched screams and stand-still traffic. Andy and I listened to podcasts about Mary Todd Lincoln and Joan of Arc. We ate an entire jumbo sized bag of Starburst on the way there, and I was so sick of fast food on Saturday on the way home that I ran over to Chipotle for a burrito while everyone else ate at McD's. 

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Catherine said...

You are correct, traveling in the US is a joke. How does it take 4 days to drive from one end to the other? It takes 5 hours to drive from one end to the other in Moldova. This is why so many people don't travel in the US--it takes too much time and money. Ok, all of that whining aside, I'm excited that you got to go see Gromma Dolly for her birthday! We settled for a happy birthday video from the kids because it would take us 24 hours and $3000+ to go see her. Why is the world so big, geez?