23 April 2017

the great outdoors vs half day kindergarten

Always having to be home by 11:20 from outings makes our springtime hiking options slightly scarcer. But we do it, and I am excited for both a) summer and b) full day school so it no longer messes with our plans.  

This hike was the Bonneville Shoreline trail which we skipped onto at Green Canyon. One of its most magnificent attributes are the multitude of power lines running over it. It is really an astounding number of them. We have recently heard about a trail that goes from Hyde Park to Green Canyon so you can bet we'll be searching that out soon, but possibly not next week, as my weather app has snowflake pictures appearing Monday through Thursday (speaking of messing with my springtime outdoors plans).


Catherine said...

I'm curious: does Calvin have school in the morning or the afternoon?

melissa said...