30 May 2017


One local kickballer has recently taken up teaching exercise classes to the residents of Peterson Hall. He is a very encouraging teacher, offering moves to both stimulate athleticism and amuse people old and young. This young teacher has recently begun taking exercise classes from a schoolmate named Finn during recess, reportedly called "Finn's exercise class." Finn's influence seems to have sparked interest in our little man, and for that we are all grateful. 

Classes are held outdoors, are available to all ages and abilities, and run twice a day. If you miss a class you may not make it up. Students are allowed to attend one class a day to allow others the chance to "enjoin." 


julis said...

This sounds right up my alley. Unfortunately, my alley is 16 hours away. I hope classes will still be offered at the end of June, when my schedule will allow me to attend.

Jess Stricklan said...

This is like the best post I have ever read. Calvin and his mom are extraordinarily wonderful people.