23 June 2017

do you see what i see

 The kids' room sorta looks cool, even with the hardly decorating--but the girl pilot photo Nate got Norah is really awesome, and that Jesus and children picture makes any room feel like home.

And sort of speaking of home, last week I came across a personal history of Grandpa Hanson's parents. Grandpa Hanson was my grandma Ada's grandpa, and his wife Hannah is to blame/thank for all of my time in Family History. I know a lot about her family, but for some reason it escaped my attention that he grew up here in Cache Valley, after having been born on the plains on the way here with his Swedish parents. They lived in Hyrum, on the south side of the valley, so we trekked out there earlier this week to give them the pinecones they are due from Memorial Day. The wife, Karna, sounds like a really awesome lady. She was a stand-in nurse and fed neighbors and lost a few children but had a lot of faith. The husband sounds like a negative nelly to tell you the truth, and he apparently was never happy anywhere. So it just goes to show. Those posters in the Jr. High hallway were right: attitude makes altitude...or whatever. Have a good attitude, ok?

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