13 June 2017

oh how things have changed

We have been pinballing around the north end of the valley (without internet! it's been like a wilderness) for the past month, but now we are settled and wi-fi-ed for the time being. We're at "The Townhomes," as everyone calls them (because they are townhomes, or as comes more naturally, town houses). The Townhomes are just around the corner from Charlotte, the house we're building on the north end of Smittytown. Our Dirt at Charlotte will become Our Hole in about 3 weeks, and then I guess we'll start acting like committed adults who have made a decision to build a house instead of continuing to troll the online housing listings in town for the perfect new home.

Meanwhile it's been summer! Nate had a birthday, we hiked the wind caves, and swimming lessons!

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