02 July 2017

before dawn

My friend Alisha is 7 months pregnant and asked me if I wanted to go hiking. OF COURSE, I said, as I always answer. It's 10 miles, she said. GREAT, I said. Oh and we're going at 5am on a weekday she said. OKAAAAAY, I replied. Well, we're going to start at 5, so let's leave at 4:30 she said...And that's when I started questioning the merit of having friends. But she ran slow paced with me while I was pregnant and I feel like I owe her for that, so I said FINE, even though I knew I'd have to turn around before we got to the top, the zillion-year-old Jardine Juniper tree. Four other crazy ladies went with us and it was amazingly lovely up there on the Juniper trail. I had to hightail it home about halfway there so Nate wouldn't be late for work, so after hiking up I had to run down and my sore quads can prove it. I can't say for sure that awakening that early for pleasure is pleasurable; but, annoyingly, it generally feels worth it.

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