31 July 2017

mccrea bridge

Choosing blindly out of the slim pickins for campsites left when I finally decided we were going to camp in Island Park, I didn't know or really care too much what the site was like at McCrea Bridge. Tot tell you the truth, I didn't even think closely enough to realize it was on the river. It was a good choice though, lucky for us. We were a little too close to the pit potties for our nose's sakes, but other than that it was perfect.

When we arrived we went on a firewood quest. We filled up our trailer hitch carrier with a dry felled log and twigs. It was quite a stash, and lasted us almost the whole trip. I think it was about this point--like 45 minutes in--that we decided we needed a permanent residence in Island Park. You're invited to the cabin when we get it.

Things the kids liked at our camp:
1. setting up camp
2. walking to the dock
3. playing in the dock water
4. chopping wood
5. building fire
6. cooking over the gas stove
7. washing hands in the spigot
8. washing hands in our blue "sink"
9. filling up the sink
10. filling up water bottles
11. washing dishes
12. drying dishes
13. sitting around the fire telling silly/scary stories
14. staying up late
15. eating all the snacks
16. sleeping in a tent
17. using a lantern in the dark
18. eating camp breakfasts (dehydrated eggs!!)
19. exploring
20. flower hunting

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