26 July 2017

repeat of june 13th's post, with pictures from nate's phone

 On Nate's birthday we went to Morty's on a motorcycle date. I was overly responsible and got a salad instead of a burger (I only regretted it slightly; all the food there is good). The moto was a fun way to go, but it also made me think we really need to make a will...two parents on one motorcycle could be trouble. On our way home we needed to pick up the hiking backpack so I could keep taking the children out on hikes even though Migs had grown out of the Baby Bjorn once and for all. I wore it home but I made Nate go home on the back roads so no one would call child protective services on me for wearing a baby in a hiking backpack on the back of a motorcycle.
 The Wind Cave hike wasn't too bad this year. Next year will be tricky--there will be no worries about a baby getting absolutely filthy up there, but the baby will be sort of too big for the backpack and too small to walk. 
Calvin's turned into a regular kid in the pool, instead of one whose parents are trying to convince him to get his head wet.

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