07 August 2017

island park again

I just couldn't let that be the only camping post because we spent most of our days out at the basic Island Park sites. 

We went to Big Springs, and finally got a chance to go inside Johnny Sack's cabin, and saw a moose family:

 We also drove to the top of Sawtell Peak. I mean, what in the world. That is one crazy place.
 We saw a lovely rainbow at Upper Mesa Falls, looked at the pelts inside the visitor's center (which I want to live in), and then went down to the Lower Falls. 
 Also, Herriman State Park. We loved it when we stayed there, and it was fun because there was a heritage fair going on, so the kids made leather stamp necklaces and created their own brand, and we all learned to lasso. Nate captured my humble attempts on video, but sadly it isn't in this post.
 Maggie, and everyone, was pooped after that. Like seriously very exhausted. We drove up to West Yellowstone and every child slept; then we just played at a park and drove back.
 And the dirtiest baby on the block got a bath, and finally smiled.

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